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Here we talk about Operational Excellence in Software Development and other exciting topics such as books, science and technology. If you are interested, make sure to subscribe below!

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What to Expect

On this website, I try to focus on those complex yet critical topics that can make or break your software business.

There are four categories of articles on this website.

The first category is all about Operational Excellence in Software Development. We will attempt to define a complete framework that allows you to take your deliveries to the next level.

The second category is centred around efficient business management. Organizational Culture, transformation, change, performance, and continuous improvement are at the heart of these discussions.

In the third category, you will find articles on intriguing scientific and technology subjects such as mathematical modelling of complex systems or state-of-the-art technology such as quantum computing.

Although not immediately relevant to software businesses, they make for fascinating topics you can debate during lunchtime sessions.

The final category will offer a great selection of book reviews, and books that have greatly influenced my intellectual and professional growth. These will be divided into two categories for convenience: Business and General Interest.

My Approach

Historically, different schools of thought have provided diverse (and sometimes diverging) opinions on solving software design, development, and delivery problems.

Our approach is simple: we will only discuss topics where we had first-hand experience and believe our expertise will bring value to the discussion.

Arguments and comparisons will be presented from a practical and pragmatic perspective.

We will occasionally delve into the history of the subject to understand some of the rationale behind the solutions proposed and the paths to lead to adopting those solutions.

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Georges Lteif
Georges Lteif

Full-time Product Owner with 17+ years in software implementation and delivery